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🍭 How To Get a Sweet First Job After College or University

Passed all your courses? Use this quick guide so you don’t fail at finding a first job after college.

How To Get a Sweet First Job After College or University
Photo credit: JD Hancock

This is a guest post by Veronica Wright.

With a degree in hand and no job yet, are you wondering if it was worth all the years you spent in academia?

Don’t fret, job hunting for new graduates is like a full-time job itself and has to be treated like one.

You are not alone, and while your job hunt can be as hard as one of the classes you took in school, with diligence and presenting your resume in a way that it gets noticed, you can do this.

Here’s how to get your first job…

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Leverage contacts as much as possible

The one thing that soon-to-be graduates need to do while still in college is to make contacts. Then, after graduating, follow up on some of those hands you shook at the many conferences, workshops, internships, and job fairs, etc., that you attended during your final year.

Look through all of your books for notes, business cards and anything that was given you during these events. Call numbers you find, reminding those on the other end where you met them, and that now graduated, you are looking for employment.

Name drop if you can, there is nothing wrong with it. To get in the door of many businesses today, you have to know someone or be recommended by someone.

Reach out to former professors

Revisit your school. Let previous professors know that you are stomping the sidewalks looking for a job after graduation and can’t seem to find anything in your field, the field they educated you about. They may be able to offer teaching assistant jobs that don’t pay much but can tide you over until you find a more lucrative position.

While on campus, find out if you’re eligible for job placement resources as an alumnus. Given your academic record, they might have suggestions about good jobs for you.


Losing contact with your friends from college and your online connections happens, but build those connections back up. Those that you reconnect with may be able to lead you in the right direction, or you can even start a local group of recent grads and industry professionals that network to help each other find jobs.

Check which of your acquaintances are working in relevant jobs or companies, and ask if their company is hiring, or if one of their colleagues can recommend a company that is.

Update your social media profiles and look for active groups, pages, Meetups, etc., in your field. Pay particular attention to this: 94% of recruiters use LinkedIn when vetting candidates.

94% of recruiters use LinkedIn when vetting candidatesClick To Tweet.

A small paycheck at first is better than no paycheck

Do what you can till you get what you want. Work at a grocery store? Any job that comes up, take it, especially if it’s an entry-level role at a place company that you are dying to work for and will get you in the door. In the mail room? Use it to work your way up. Eventually, with hard work you’ll be noticed.

If you think that you’re ready, start your own small business. Freelance writers are big now, and there are many online positions for those that are diligent in looking for them.

Look for seasonal work in your area, or let perspective employers know that you are willing to relocate if need be.

A good resume is a must

Getting yourself ready for job placement is one thing, but getting that resume in the hands of those that make the decisions is another.

Today, many companies are using applicant tracking software (ATSes) to sift through the hundreds if not thousands of applications that come across their networks every day. This software looks over your resume before a human being lays hands on it.

Here are a few essential tips on how to make your resume “robot-proof”:

  1. Don’t waste space. For instance, in your contact information: Email: You don’t need the word “Email”. There are actually companies that will have their robot check for unnecessary words.
  2. Resume keywords are important. Research the company that you are applying for and use relevant keywords in your resume such as those mentioned in the given job description.
  3. When it comes to your skills section, don’t just list that you know “the Microsoft Office Suite”. The robot will be looking for any word but Office or Suite. Instead, specify Excel, PowerPoint, etc.
  4. Don’t use a minus sign to separate wording, only use em dash—between words or numbers.
  5. Grammar is extremely important when submitting your resume, because the ATS will simply trash those that it cannot understand.
  6. Make use of strong action words.
  7. Update your resume every 3 months.
  8. Don’t include your whole life story. Go back at most until your freshman year unless relevant for a given role.
  9. Only include related course work.
  10. Use a professional resume writer.

Consider the following “professional experience” description. Example 1 was prepared by the job applicant, and Example 2 one was done by a professional resume writing company for the same person. Which would you choose?

Example 1:

  • Developed relationships with current and prospected customers
  • Analyzed market data for senior analysts
  • Performed daily trade verifications
  • Maintained monthly and quarterly revenue figures
  • Oversaw domestic and international accounts

Example 2:

  • Partnered with two brokers to develop and foster relationships with current and prospective customers to increase market share by 35%
  • Analyzed market data using Bloomberg and FactSet to tailor and pitch trade recommendations specific to customer needs to senior analysts
  • Performed daily trade verifications ensuring the execution of trade details were entered correctly
  • Maintained monthly and quarterly revenue figures utilizing Excel to compare quarterly and yearly revenue amounts for profit projections
  • Managed and oversaw over 12 domestic and international accounts covering Asian emerging products totaling up to $500 million

When you can show your future employer what you changed for the better at a previous company and what you can possibly do for them, they invite you in.

When you start getting interviews

Getting that phone call that they want to sit and have a chat with you is mind numbing. You jump up and down when you hang up the phone, and run around yelling that you have an interview!

You want to leave a lasting impression.

Be prepared:

  • Start the night before. Iron your clothing, make sure everything is neat and clean. Appearance is everything.
  • Eat a good breakfast. Try adding a banana, they relax you.
  • Review the things about the company that interest you so you can bring it up at the interview.
  • Have a list of questions to ask your interviewer(s).
  • Aim to leave for the interview early. Have the phone number, address and office number in your smartphone in case of emergency.
  • Stand straight, do not slouch.
  • Shake hands upon entering the office and wait to be asked to be seated, while smiling. Never ever go into anyone’s office without a smile on your face πŸ˜€
  • Make eye contact.
  • Comment on how nice their office is.

The clichΓ© says that it’s a full-time job looking for a job. Those that work on it every day are those that find employment. Your education was worth it and it will pay off eventually, but you’re the one who needs to make it work.

Good luck in your search! Once you get that coveted job in a corner office, pass these suggestions on to the next person that may need them.

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About the author

Veronica WrightVeronica Wright is Co-Founder of Resumes Centre, blogger, and career coach. Her main passions are self-improvement, career guidance, and traveling.

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πŸŒ‹ How To Avoid Catastrophe by Backing Up Your Social Media Accounts

The quick and easy guide to backup your LinkedIn, Facebook, Google+, Twitter & Pinterest accounts like a boss.

How To Avoid Catastrophe by Backing Up Your Social Media Accounts

Photo credit: JD Hancock

This is more important than you think.

My Twitter account was once suspended by accident, during which time I had no access to it at all.

The Recruiting Animal had his Twitter account stolen/temporarily taken away from him.

I know people who’ve been banned by Facebook, or hacked on Twitter and more, and like any other business, websites can go offline or even shut down, taking your information with them.

Wouldn’t you want to have backups so you could restore the information later, or upload it to other sites?

Here’s how to protect yourself on the major social networks.

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LinkedIn logo

The LinkedIn export tool lets you download all your connections’ data in addition to your profile.


  1. Login to LinkedIn
  2. Point on “My Network” near at top of the page
  3. Click “Connections”.
  4. Click Settings (Gear wheel at the right).
  5. From the Advanced Settings Section, click the “Export LinkedIn Connections” link at the right corner of the page.
  6. On the Export LinkedIn Connections page, choose the export file format and click the Export button
  7. Fill in the captcha information and click Continue.
  8. The file will start to download.

I chose “Microsoft Outlook (.CSV file)”. The result included Title, First Name, Last Name, E-mail Address, Company, Job Title and much more.


  1. Login to LinkedIn
  2. Click on “Profile” to visit your profile page
  3. Hover your mouse over the arrow beside “View profile as” and then choose Save to PDF from the choices.

You can export anyone’s profile as PDF. When you visit their profile page, look for the “Send InMail” or “Send a Message” button instead of the “View profile as” button.

The entire profile gets exported, including skill endorsements and recommendations, but only the latter are credited.


Twitter logo

To download and view your Twitter archive, containing everything you’ve ever tweeted or retweeted, but nothing about your followers, fans, Lists or DMs:

  1. Go to your account settings.
  2. Click Request your archive.
  3. When your download is ready, we’ll send an email with a download link to the confirmed email address associated with your Twitter account. This is to block people from downloading someone else’s twitter archive.
  4. Once you receive the email, click the Download now button to log in to your Twitter account.
  5. Twitter will then say ‘We’ve texted you a login verification code.’ Once you type in the code, you’ll be able to download a .zip file of your Twitter archive.
  6. Unzip the file and click index.html to view your archive in your default browser.

If you would like to keep a backup of your DMs too, Twinbox is a free Twitter client that installs as a plugin for Outlook and lets you manage your Tweets like email, keeping copies of everything you tweet, DM or are mentioned in.


facebook logo

“Your Facebook archive includes sensitive info like your private Wall posts, photos and profile information.”

  1. Login to Facebook
  2. Click the down arrow to the extreme right of the Home link, then click Settings from the menu which appears
  3. At the bottom of the General Account Settings page, click the “Download a copy” link.
  4. On the Download Your Information page, click the Start My Archive button.
  5. You may be asked to “Please Re-enter Your Password”.
  6. The “Request My Download” alert box will appear to warn that the archive will take some time to compile (depending on how many photos, wall posts, etc. you’ve put on Facebook) and you’ll need to click its Start My Archive button.
  7. Finally, Facebook will tell you that you’ll get an email when the archive is ready, and you still need to click the Okay button to start the process.

Sounds good but the last time I tried it, no email ever came, so I wasn’t able to download the archive. And as a relatively light Facebook user, compiling that archive should have taken no more than a few minutes.

Luckily, there are other options:

Archive Facebook is a Firefox add-on. This “is a free tool that allows you to save content from your Facebook account directly to your hard drive. Archive your photos, messages, activity stream, friends list, notes, events and groups.”


google plus logo

Google Takeout is the official way to backup information from Google+ and other Google services like YouTube or Picasa.

  1. Visit Google Takeout.
  2. By default, everything is selected but you can toggle each service such as if you only want your Google+ stuff. Either way, choose what you want to backup.
  3. Click Next at the bottom of the list.
  4. Choose your archive’s file type and whether you want to download it or save it in the cloud. Then click “Create archive”.
  5. Once download is done, you can Manage archive or Create New Archive.

Frankly, it works great. The ZIP file is very logically organized and the files are named very clearly in it. My only complaint is that not many non-techies are going to know how to get information out of the JSON files exported from Google Profile and Google Reader, but the Google+ export files are in other, easy-to-read file formats such as VCF or HTML.


pinterest logo

Pinterest doesn’t let you export anything 😠

But other sites let you export your Pinterest information: πŸ˜€ – “Pinback is a free, simple bookmarklet that allows you to backup and export your Pinterest data. It runs privately in your web browser and exports your pinned links to an HTML file.”

Pin4Ever (freemium) – “Pin4Ever is a set of power tools for Pinterest that help you quickly protect, organize, create, and upload your pins.”

Paid all-in-one backup services

All the above options are free but as you can see, they don’t always work or even back up everything there is to backup. That’s where paid services come in. – “ is a PC & Mac application which enables you to download your online social life and unite your social networks. You can back up your Facebook Timeline, Twitter, Instagram, Facebook Pages, Flickr, Linkedin, Google+, RSS, Pinterest & Viadeo to create a beautiful, searchable, digital journal..”

What do you think?

Which of your social network profiles is most important to backup? Tell us in the comments.

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πŸ”₯ 500+ Positive Action Verbs To Turbocharge Your Resume Now

Positive action verbs make your resume achievements sound even more impressive. Use this list of powerful action verbs to jumpstart your resume.

500 positive action verbs to turbocharge your resume nowPhoto Credit: JD Hancock

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All the resume action verbs you’ll ever need

In alphabetical order:

  1. Accelerated
  2. Accomplished
  3. Stewie Family GuyAccounted for
  4. Accumulated
  5. Achieved
  6. Acquired
  7. Acted
  8. Activated
  9. Active in
  10. Adapted
  11. Addressed
  12. Adjusted
  13. Administered
  14. Advanced
  15. Advertised
  16. Advised
  17. Advocated
  18. Affected
  19. Aided
  20. Alerted
  21. Allocated
  22. Amplified
  23. Analyzed
  24. Answered
  25. Anticipated
  26. Applied
  27. Appointed
  28. Appraised
  29. Approved
  30. Arbitrated
  31. Arranged
  32. Arraigned
  33. Arrested
  34. Articulated
  35. Ascertained
  36. Aspired
  37. Assembled
  38. Assessed
  39. Assigned
  40. Assisted
  41. Assumed responsibility
  42. Assured
  43. Attained
  44. Attracted
  45. Audited
  46. Authored
  47. Automated
  48. Awarded
  49. Balanced
  50. Billed
  51. Blazed
  52. Boosted
  53. Bought
  54. Briefed
  55. Broadened
  56. Budgeted
  57. Built
  58. Calculated
  59. Campaigned
  60. Captured
  61. Carried out
  62. Cataloged
  63. Caused
  64. Centralized
  65. Chaired
  66. Championed
  67. Changed
  68. Channeled
  69. Charted
  70. Checked
  71. Clarified
  72. Classified
  73. Closed
  74. Coached
  75. Co-directed
  76. Collaborated
  77. Collected
  78. Co-managed
  79. Combined
  80. Commanded
  81. Commended
  82. Commented
  83. Communicated
  84. Compared
  85. Compiled
  86. Completed
  87. Composed
  88. Computed
  89. Conceived
  90. Conceptualized
  91. Condensed
  92. Conducted
  93. Conferred
  94. Conserved
  95. Considered
  96. Consolidated
  97. Constructed
  98. Consulted
  99. Contacted
  100. Contained
  101. Contracted
  102. Contributed
  103. Controlled
  104. Converted
  105. Convicted
  106. Coordinated
  107. Corrected
  108. Correlated
  109. Corresponded
  110. Corroborated
  111. Costed
  112. Counseled
  113. Counted
  114. Created
  115. Critiqued
  116. Crowned
  117. Cultivated
  118. Cured
  119. Customized
  120. Cut
  121. Dealt with
  122. Decided
  123. Decreased
  124. Defined
  125. Delegated
  126. Delivered
  127. Demonstrated
  128. Described
  129. Designated
  130. Designed
  131. Detected
  132. Determined
  133. Developed
  134. Devised
  135. Diagnosed
  136. Directed
  137. Discovered
  138. Dispatched
  139. Dispensed
  140. Displayed
  141. Dissected
  142. Distinguished
  143. Distributed
  144. Documented
  145. Doubled
  146. Drafted
  147. Drove
  148. Earned
  149. Economized
  150. Edited
  151. Educated
  152. Effected
  153. Eliminated
  154. Emphasized
  155. Employed
  156. Empowered
  157. Enabled
  158. Enacted
  159. Encouraged
  160. Ended
  161. Endorsed
  162. Energized
  163. Enforced
  164. Engaged
  165. Engineered
  166. Enhanced
  167. Enlarged
  168. Enlisted
  169. Ensured
  170. Entertained
  171. Established
  172. Estimated
  173. Evaluated
  174. Examined
  175. Exceeded
  176. Executed
  177. Expanded
  178. Expedited
  179. Experienced
  180. Experimented
  181. Explained
  182. Explored
  183. Expressed
  184. Extended
  185. Extracted
  186. Fabricated
  187. Facilitated
  188. Familiarized
  189. Fashioned
  190. Filed
  191. Filled
  192. Finalized
  193. Financed
  194. Fine-tuned
  195. Fixed
  196. Focused
  197. Forecast
  198. Forecasted
  199. Formed
  200. Formulated
  201. Fostered
  202. Found
  203. Founded
  204. Fulfilled
  205. Functioned as
  206. Furnished
  207. Gained
  208. Gathered
  209. Generated
  210. Graded
  211. Graduated
  212. Granted
  213. Grew
  214. Guided
  215. Halved
  216. Handled
  217. Harmonized
  218. Harnessed
  219. Headed
  220. Helped
  221. Hired
  222. Hypothesized
  223. Identified
  224. Illustrated
  225. Imagined
  226. Implemented
  227. Impressed
  228. Improved
  229. Improvised
  230. Incorporated
  231. Increased
  232. Indexed
  233. Indoctrinated
  234. Influenced
  235. Informed
  236. Initiated
  237. Innovated
  238. Inspected
  239. Inspired
  240. Installed
  241. Instigated
  242. Instituted
  243. Instructed
  244. Insured
  245. Integrated
  246. Interpreted
  247. Interviewed
  248. Introduced
  249. Invented
  250. Inventoried
  251. Invested
  252. Investigated
  253. Involved
  254. Issued
  255. Joined
  256. Judged
  257. Justified
  258. Kept
  259. Launched
  260. Lead
  261. Learned
  262. Leased
  263. Lectured
  264. Led
  265. Liaised
  266. Licensed
  267. Listed
  268. Located
  269. Logged
  270. Machined
  271. Made
  272. Magnified
  273. Maintained
  274. Managed
  275. Marketed
  276. Mastered
  277. Matched
  278. Maximized
  279. Measured
  280. Mediated
  281. Mentored
  282. Merged
  283. Met
  284. Met with
  285. Minimized
  286. Mobilized
  287. Moderated
  288. Modernized
  289. Modified
  290. Monitored
  291. Motivated
  292. Moved
  293. Named
  294. Navigated
  295. Negated
  296. Negotiated
  297. Netted
  298. Observed
  299. Obtained
  300. Opened
  301. Operated
  302. Optimized
  303. Orchestrated
  304. Ordered
  305. Organized
  306. Originated
  307. Outlined
  308. Overhauled
  309. Oversaw
  310. Participated
  311. Perceived
  312. Performed
  313. Persuaded
  314. Photographed
  315. Piloted
  316. Pinpointed
  317. Pioneered
  318. Placed
  319. Played
  320. Planned
  321. Predicted
  322. Prepared
  323. Presented
  324. Presided
  325. Prevented
  326. Printed
  327. Prioritized
  328. Processed
  329. Procured
  330. Produced
  331. Programmed
  332. Prohibited
  333. Projected
  334. Promoted
  335. Proofread
  336. Proposed
  337. Protected
  338. Proved
  339. Provided
  340. Publicized
  341. Published
  342. Purchased
  343. Pursued
  344. Qualified
  345. Queried
  346. Questioned
  347. Raised
  348. Ran
  349. Ranked
  350. Rated
  351. Reached
  352. Realigned
  353. Realized
  354. Reasoned
  355. Received
  356. Recognized
  357. Recommended
  358. Reconciled
  359. Recorded
  360. Recruited
  361. Redesigned
  362. Reduced
  363. Referred
  364. Registered
  365. Regulated
  366. Rehabilitated
  367. Reinforced
  368. Related
  369. Remodeled
  370. Rendered
  371. Reorganized
  372. Repaired
  373. Replaced
  374. Replied
  375. Reported
  376. Represented
  377. Reputed
  378. Researched
  379. Resolved
  380. Responded
  381. Restored
  382. Restructured
  383. Retrieved
  384. Revamped
  385. Reversed
  386. Reviewed
  387. Revised
  388. Revitalized
  389. Routed
  390. Saved
  391. Scheduled
  392. Screened
  393. Searched
  394. Secured
  395. Selected
  396. Separated
  397. Served
  398. Serviced
  399. Set or set up
  400. Shaped
  401. Shared
  402. Showed
  403. Simplified
  404. Simulated
  405. Sketched
  406. Slashed
  407. Sold
  408. Solidified
  409. Solved
  410. Sorted
  411. Sought
  412. Sparked
  413. Spearheaded
  414. Specialized
  415. Specified
  416. Spoke
  417. Sponsored
  418. Staffed
  419. Standardized
  420. Started
  421. Steered
  422. Stimulated
  423. Stored
  424. Streamlined
  425. Strengthened
  426. Stressed
  427. Stretched
  428. Structured
  429. Studied
  430. Submitted
  431. Substituted
  432. Succeeded
  433. Suggested
  434. Summarized
  435. Superseded
  436. Supervised
  437. Supplemented
  438. Supplied
  439. Supported
  440. Surpassed
  441. Surveyed
  442. Synchronized
  443. Synergized
  444. Systematized
  445. Tabulated
  446. Tackled
  447. Targeted
  448. Taught
  449. Terminated
  450. Tested
  451. Tightened
  452. Took or took over
  453. Totaled
  454. Toured
  455. Traced
  456. Tracked
  457. Traded
  458. Trained
  459. Transcribed
  460. Transferred
  461. Transformed
  462. Translated
  463. Transmitted
  464. Transported
  465. Traveled
  466. Treated
  467. Triggered
  468. Trimmed
  469. Tripled
  470. Triumphed
  471. Troubleshot
  472. Turned
  473. Tutored
  474. Typed
  475. Umpired
  476. Uncovered
  477. Understood
  478. Understudied
  479. Undertook
  480. Underwent
  481. Underwrote
  482. Unearthed
  483. Unified
  484. United
  485. Unraveled
  486. Updated
  487. Upgraded
  488. Urged
  489. Used
  490. Utilized
  491. Validated
  492. Valued
  493. Verbalized
  494. Verified
  495. Visited
  496. Vitalized
  497. Volunteered
  498. Waged
  499. Weighed
  500. Widened
  501. Won
  502. Worked
  503. Wrote

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Skills to pay the bills: Action Verbs

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