Thursday, 24 December 2015

20 Funny Job Related Charts and Graphs

A funny collection of job and work-related charts and graphs.

20 Funny Job Related Charts and Graphs

Photo credit: JD Hancock

All these charts are from GraphJam, a funny site about funny charts.


20 funny charts about jobs and work

How Happy I Am With My Job

A day in the life of a Hard Working Engineer

Freelancing clients and their projects

Probability of Customers Showing Up During My Shift

Perceived & Delusional Job Stability

Coworker arrogance

Productivity during specific office events

How much math you will use in your job

Chances of a procrastinator getting a chart done

Whiteboard use

What is running through my head at work

Amount of times my boss uses F-word

Chances of Bumping Into Your Boss

Why alarm clocks are useful

Things discussed in meetings

Ability vs. Desirability to Goof Off

Chance a client will return my phone call

Annoying Customers Today

Questions you'll answer on the phone in retail

Chance of getting blamed at work


Boss Approaching...

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